Need assistant for cutting board class Saturday, June 11

I’m looking for someone who can help me run the upcoming cutting board class this Saturday, June 11. Class runs from 9:00am to 3:00pm, with a 90-minute lunch break, typically around 11:30 - noon.

The qualified applicant with have familiarity and competence with the table saw, jointer & planer, and router table. Specifically, you will help people use the table saw to make some rip cuts in the morning, and then use the sled to square up the boards in the afternoon, and help with other tools as needed. Ability to project a warm and positive attitude and provide encouragement to power tool neophytes a plus. You will be on your feet the whole time.

Pay is on a sliding scale that starts at 0 and also ends there. This is an unpaid volunteer activity. For LMN volunteers, you can check in for a shift and count the time. You do not need to be on the volunteer staff for this.

If you’ve never made a board yourself, or seen how the class works, I can meet with you ahead of time and get you up to speed. It’s always a fun, if sometimes hectic, day.

I’d like to volunteer if you think I’d fit the requirements.

I could help you until you break for lunch.

Carl, you mentioned a preclass session introduction to board making… when would you like to do that?

I’ll be here! Happy to help at the generous rate of 0/hr.