Natasha Lawson Volunteer Intro-I'd love to know more about you too in the comments!

I am Natasha, they/them pronouns. I’ve been volunteering for almost a month now, I really love the space and everyone I’ve gotten to work with. The energy the space has is great, I love how willing people are to learn and to teach.
I don’t have a lot of knowledge about any of the tools in the space, but I’m willing to help out with whatever is needed and I want to learn anything I can. (Excited about the woodshop check out tonight!)
Part of my reason for volunteering was to get acclimated to the space and to begin work on some fabric projects I have, but a big life goal is to make my own house, furniture, etc, and be as self-sufficient as I possibly can.
I’d love to hear what you are currently working on, and what advice you have for someone who is very new to all of the things! :slight_smile: