Name suggestions for the groundhog in the front yard?

I like Dug or Chuck.


I’m casting a vote for Doug :laughing:

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Im for Doug or That Beaver to add some needed confusion.

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I dig Doug, or Doug W. Chuck for long.

Hey, I wonder if that is the groundhog that used to live under my front steps. I recently put a pot in front of his access hole. Glad he has a new home.

Another for Dug.

I think we need a #pets channel in Discord so we can get updates and share more photos of our non-human friends and family. :grin:

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Asimov could be cool

And a #beer channel…

While we’re naming critters, can we also name the tree frog who lives in the base of our cigarette disposal?

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Marley (short for Marlboro).


Depending on gender, I’d go for either Nick (short for nicotine) or Ashley. However, I have no idea how to determine the sex of a frog.

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The LMN Groundskeeper

On a tangent: why isn’t our nickname the Lemon (LMN) Space with a lemon outline.

Or Lemon Space Force with a lemon themed embroidered patch. Or lemon themed helmet.

We could embrace the hidden lemon more!


I like Doug.

Unsure on the frog. I need to meet it first.