MSU metal machine/job opening

Hey all,

Was talking to Jacquelyn at the MSU Kresge building and she mentioned that a large sheet metal bending machine is going to surplus soon and if we want we could potentially have it reserved for the space. The price hasnt been set yet, but if there is any interest let me know and I can connect you to her.

She also said there will be opening soon for a metal tech at the art school. They would need someone knowledgeable in metal working and casting large amounts of metal. If anyone is interested send me your info and I can connect you as well!




If the size of the machine wasn’t too big and the price was right, a sheet metal brake would be an excellent addition to the space.

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Hi Charlie,

Unfortunately I just got word that its broken and would be more expensive to fix then buy new. If there is still interest I can get in touch again though.



I am still interested if the price is right. Do you happen to have an idea what the asking price may be?

Hi Mike! I wrote them back, will update when they email back to me. In the meantime if we see any potential tools that would fit in the space for a reasonable price, can we post on the talksite or is there somewhere else we should post them? Is there a list of stuff to add to the space?

I saw these wide mouth bandsaws as well and thought either would be good for the space: Redirecting...



This might be the same shear: Sheet Metal Shear Equipment – MSU Surplus Store

Not sure though.


There is a 3ft 14ga sheet metal brake at MSU surplus today. I don’t know a lot about these machines, but it seems to be missing the fingers/nose bar and the counterweights. If replacements are available then $212 might be a good deal. Seems to be in good shape otherwise.

Disregard, apparently it did have everything with it but is already sold and the buyer is taking it piece by piece.