Moving Clearance Give Away

Hey all. As I have mentioned, I am moving in the next few months, and I have a bunch of materials and other items to give away for anyone who wants them.

  1. Several large (24X36) panes of glass--I gathered them for making a cold frame (which you are also welcome to) and these are the leftovers. Take them as you like. You can also have the coldframe, though one of the glass pieces broke during a storm.

  1. Gardening supplies–This includes a bunch of seed trays with cloches and heating mats, plastic pots of varying sizes, probably some soil (I may give that away later), wood chips, DIY composters, including a large leaf-mold bin, and other supplies. We’re not likely to use them in an apartment in NYC.

  2. A wine rack–It’s of inferior quality to the one made in Tony’s class, but it has a little drawer in it and holds wine. It could also hold other things in bottles. Or if you had a large collection of rolling pins, they would work in it, too.

  1. A few assorted tools–I haven’t done the inventory yet, but I think we’re giving away at least one chop saw.

  2. Cans of paint–I’m not sure the colors or the volume, but they’re of varying sizes and all have paint in them. Leftover from our own paint projects, and the colors are very nice.

I’ll post more stuff here as it comes up, but let me know if any/all of this tickles your fancy. Or even if it tickles your business casual.

Edited to add images.

I would be interested in the gardening supplies and chop saw.

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I am interested in the wood and maybe some tools.

Consider them yours.

I have another taker for some garden supplies, but can probably divide them up.

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Thanks for remembering! Please tip me off to where I’d have to go…

Me too, when and where?

I’ll send a message.

I too request a message

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Update: The lumber is all gone.

Id be interested in the couch cushions, any soil, one of the glass panels, and possibly some of the tools!

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Fantastic! I can bring them by the space sometime, or you’re welcome to come pick them up.

We actually have four of them. Two are the foam cushions pictured there. Two are stuffed with batting. Want all of them?

Thank you for leaving them in the space! They’ll be so helpful for refreshing the couch. I’m still interested in any soil, one of the glass panels, and some of the tools. I chop saw would be incredibly useful, but I understand if someone else has claimed it. :blush:

Oh. I forgot the glass. I’ll look for the soil a bit later in the season…we might need it. I think Gary has claimed the chop saw, but I’d happily give it to you, too.

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Well, I’m happy with whatever works out!

Couldn’t get to you on the weekend. Do you have any time evenings this week?

This week is no good. The week after would be better.

Cool. Will try to schedule something then.

Hey Gary. I’m back in town and happy to give you all sorts of stuff. How does your weekend look for that? Also, I have a 10 gallon boil pot I used for brewing back in the day. Any interest in taking that?