Mid-Michigan Art Guild Meeting September 21

We received a call from Lisabeth Curnow from the Mid-Michigan Art Guild about wanting to connect our two groups at their next meeting on September 21. They suggested having the space host the meeting and that there would be 20-30 art guild members in attendance. Before and after their meeting a walkthrough of the space would be provided to interested members.

I did not confirm that our space would be available but I expressed interest. If someone more more official than myself would like to call and confirm our space, she provided a phone number & email address available at the front desk (didn’t want to put it on the talk site as it is somewhat sensitive information). @Evelyn has volunteered to do this.

If the space is not available for the event, she would still like some ‘ambassadors’ from our group to attend the September 21 meeting and provide information about the Makers Network.

Please let us know what people think about meeting with the Mid-Michigan Art Guild!

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Thanks. This sounds good. I hope we are able to host the 9/21 meeting.

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This sounds like a wonderful opportunity! I, too, hope we’re available on the 21st.

Thank you for the detailed post, Isaac! This is something we’re definitely interested in hosting. Did Lisabeth happen to mention how long and what time they would like to be there? If not, I’ll give her a call and get more information.


I’m sure she mentioned both initial time and the average run time of a meeting in the phone call we had. Unfortunately, I forgot this information. Their website says meetings start at 6:30, and I vaguely remember her saying something like that.

Sorry I’m not of more help!

No worries! I’ll reach out for more info. Hopefully we can make this happen :crossed_fingers:

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Thanks @Arialia ! I’m excited to see where this goes!

This sounds awesome! I can most likely attend on the 21st