Microcontrollers that I purchased by mistake, any interest?

Purchased 10 bare microcontrollers by mistake from Cypress. 5 PSoC® 4: PSoC 4200 & 5 PSoC® 4: PSoC 4100, thought I was purchasing PSoC® 4 CY8CKIT-049-4xxx, came from Hong Kong, not worth sending back. They are: 24-MHz ARM Cortex-M0 CPU with single-cycle multiply and 48-MHz ARM Cortex-M0 CPU with single cycle multiply. Uploaded pics and datasheets, let me know if any interest.


P.S, First pic is what I thought I was getting, not part of the deal.

I could take some of those off your hands. I need a new circuit board project, and have been meaning to experiment with the PSoC.

I can give you some money, or let me know what you’re looking for in trade. I could also set you up with a buttload of game credits on Flipdot Snake.

When’s a good time to meet? Don’t need money or game tokens.

I’ll be around this eventing. I’m also there most nights and weekends, so any time that works for you is fine. I’m in no hurry.

Mondays are not good for me, got granddaughter duty. will tomorrow (Tues.) work and what time are you there?

I’ll arrive there around 7:30 - 8:00pm.