Member Storage Cleanup Saturday 12/2, volunteers needed!

I’m going to be working on cleaning up and relocating member storage this weekend. Any help for as long or as short as you’re able would be greatly appreciated (there’s a lot to move).

I’ll be aiming to get started around 10:30. I don’t imagine this will be done swiftly, so we’ll keep going until it’s done. If we’ve got enough people, the space will happily buy lunch!

I’ll post here when we’re finished, so check back if you’re coming later in the day to see if we’re still working.

Also, if you know you’ll come at some point, reply here as to when so we can plan out and do some of the heavy lifting when we have more hands on deck.

Thanks everyone!

Melody and I have an R&D meeting that’s suppose to start about 1pm. When ever that ends, we’ll head over to assist.

Yep, will bring my working gloves for the sharp and pokey stuff in the cleanup. See you after our R&D meeting Saturday, folks.

Science Olympiad all day. I’ll wander in Sunday and see if there is anything obvious to do.

Clean up day went pretty good. We got a heck of a lot accomplished, but there’s still plenty to go.

There is still a good bit of discombobulation in the space. Especially around the garage door area as we continue to find homes for all the stuff that needs a home over there and finish clearing out the things that need to be cleaned out. If you’re planning to haul something through the garage door tomorrow, be prepared to have to move stuff out of the way (@Members, so everyone knows)

Member’s storage is now relocated, and we’ve started the piles of things that need to be dealt with. Tomorrow I’m hoping to do some more sorting, and maybe get some sheet good storage or slat wall built for the wood shop work area that will find it’s home in member storage’s old location.

Thanks to @RayKurtis, @conejita42, @RealCarlRaymond, @bjadms8, @jbarber, @mlbmichigan for helping out throughout the day.

Wow, fantastic job guys. Sorry I wasn’t there, i didn’t get it until about
5 and had a full day anyways. Props to those who made it though!