Member Storage: a plea for help

The member storage area is desperately in need of being cleaned up. If you have items in member storage, PLEASE make sure they’re in a bin. We’re going to be moving the member storage racks to the area near the roll-up door in the coming weeks, and as it is now, we can’t do that without going through all the misc stuff that’s been left hanging out and on the floor and making hard decisions about it.

So, please, if you you spy some of your stuff in this photo, come in and take it home, especially if its been here longer than it should be.

When we move member storage, we’ll also be adding another rack or two. (And acquiring more bins). I know a number of recent members haven’t been able to have a bin because there’s just no space for them.

We’re also still figuring out how best to handle things that don’t fit in a bin. The short answer is: if it’s part of an active project. Label it and don’t leave it in anyone’s way. If it’s not part of an active project, it needs to find it’s way home.

Ok, nothing seems to have changed since my plea for help. I’ll be going through member storage next weekend. Anything not in a bin will be relocated. If it has a sticker over a year old, it’ll be considered abandoned and separated out for recycling/reuse/disposal.

@Members, come by the space and pick up things that belong to you and are gathering dust. We’re at our highest member count with members regularly trying to work in the space. The current situation just can’t continue.

We/I really don’t like having to make ultimatum level statements, but I’m at a loss here.

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If you’d like a hand with this, let me know what times you’re thinking and I’d be happy to assist when I don’t have schedule conflicts.

I know that I am an offender! I have been HORRIBLE about coming in to use the space or clean up after myself. My apologies.

I had rotator cuff repair surgery two weeks ago (it has been the year from Hell for me!), so I will need to drag my wife in to help me load it up, but I WILL get in to clean up my mess this week.


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I would be happy to help clean things up, but it would have to wait until at least Sunday. Let me know if you want help on Sunday.