Member Handbook Updated

View the updated version:


  • Update info about phone numbers
  • Changed most references of the members list to
  • Fixed some typo / language changes (Parking Passes -> Project passes)
  • Added “In case of emergency” info to the front cover.
  • Updated the space diagram to match moving of the design lab.

Remember that you should be familiar with the contents of the member handbook. If its been a while since you looked at it (or maybe you joined before it existed and you’ve never read it… ) take some time and review it. This is one of the many ways we work to keep our community safe and copacetic.

Member handbook has been updated again, as always the current version is always available at:

Changes this time around:

  • Updated space diagram to reflect the current arrangement of the space.
  • Added callouts to highlight important topics
  • Updated storage space sections to current practice
  • Added section re: member id badges
  • Various typos and other grammatical fixes.