Material storage

It is once again time to remind members that the maker space is to be used to make your current project. This does not include storing materials for any projects you have planned for the future. If you are not working on a project and you have materials here that don’t fit in your storage bin, please take them home. Bring only materials you need for what you are working on now. Take home or otherwise dispose of the rest.

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Hi all

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier and respond. Thank you for the kind reminder. I am hoping to get in this weekend and get a bunch of my small procrastination projects out of the space.

I will get the tall boards over by the overhead door cleared out as well. They got there with the best of intentions… but its time to get them out of there.

My hope is to focus on the big table and get it done and delivered as soon as humanly possible.

Thank you everyone for your patience while my attention span meanders…

Ya’all the best.


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Thank you very much for your response. Best of luck as you finish up your current work.

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