Mason bee house

I was hoping to be part of this year’s Earth Day event at LMN . Since that’s not happening, I’m thinking of making a how-to video of making a Mason bee house. I’m planning to have the video ready for Earth Day-4/22. Any suggestions for shooting the video. I know I want the finished product to be less than 10 minutes.

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That’s a great idea! If you have a recent smartphone with a good camera, that would be simplest. (Just don’t hold it vertically!) Then you could do basic editing on the phone, or transfer the files to your computer and edit there.

If you have a Mac, there iMovie. On Windows, the Photos app can do basic video editing.

This is one for a little YouTube research.

Script it. Practice it to a mirror. Time it. Assume real taping will take 20% more time (I don’t know why). Be fine if the production isn’t perfect, as long as it is viewable and understandable and gets the info across. Don’t get bogged down in perfection. Have fun!

Thanks for the suggestions. I hope you are both doing well. Stay creative.