Mark's world of alien electro-mechanical things

hi, my name is mark gamble and I’m normally a fairly humble guy.
I hope to garner peoples services for my time or my money.
I specialize in cad design, electro mechanical theory(2ed yr electronics, shipyard electrician 2yrs), and welding, cutting, grinding.
though at heart I am simply a mad inventor.
I started a none storefront patent holding company recently. though this is still in it’s infant stages the goal is to have businesses pay us to show them how to make the special sauce. If you want to be part of the end glory then help me to build the models promotion and advice, then you will be paid a fractional of what I get paid in the end based on hours. If you want pay up front I will work that out to because that is a tax deduction to me.
so I will add a board shortly that will have any outstanding work I may need thx yall

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