Making knives/rings for gifts

Not sure if this is the right place for this.

I am looking at making rings/knives for gifts for my relatives, would I be able to do this with the tools available in the maker space? Also, does anyone have recommendations on YouTube channels to learn more about this, or better yet, would anyone be interested in showing me their skills?


Taylor Patterson

Hi Taylor,

This is a great place to ask. We do have the tools to make both rings and knives. The jewelry area has torches, dremels, and every type of cutting implement to work with fine metals, while the metal area has a forge, and beltsander.

A great way to get started is with classes. There is a ring class coming up soon: Introduction to Jewelry: Silver Ring Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite

I think knife-making is a bit more involved, but the intro to blacksmithing classes could probably help:

To use most of these tools you will need to get checkouts, where you get a safety lesson and approval to use the tools without future oversight. You can just ask here in the talksite to get a checkout on a specific tool and someone from that area will work with you to get it setup.
Hope that helps!


A good person to ask about knife making is @Clifford_Bohm

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Hey, @Clifford_Bohm , @Alex , @jody , or @Heather have ideas?

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Hi, Taylor! I’m the jewelry area manager. Welcome to LMN! We currently have 3 jewelry making classes. Two of which might be a good fit w/ what you’re seeking to learn: My Metalsmithing 101 class & Vic’s Silver Ring class. If a class is sold out, more options will be listed soon. You’ll also need a checkout for the torches…that’s separate from any of the classes, whether you decide to take one or not. Maria, Jody or I would be able to give you a torch checkout. Let me know if you would like one & we can schedule a time. :slightly_smiling_face: