Making Bows from Board Wood?

Wondering if anyone has experience making a longbow in the shop? I am interested in trying this out in my spare time this spring!


Taylor Patterson

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I’ve made a longbow from your average board wood from HomeDepot. I didn’t do it in the shop but it’s easy enough. I was thinking about offering a class though my skills are basic. However I have a simple tilling board and there are some great Youtube videos. if you want to schedule an informal meet up to discuss when you are ready let me know.


One of the main tools for making one is a draw knife. The space has one, but it seems to have disappeared.

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Hey this would be great! I was at the hardware store today trying to find a good board but wasn’t sure if what I found would work or not. Anyways, I am available this weekend if you’re going to be around!

@Taylor_Patterson there is a Nordic Fire Festival this weekend where I know several people who craft bows. I just joined a short time so I don’t know if they have accounts on here. I think I can link up with them tonight and see about connecting you. Or you can come out to Charlotte at the Eaton Fairgrounds to find them.

Bro, what? How did I not know this Viking festival existed? Now I’m going to this! I would love to chat with them about bow making! Thanks for the lead, if you want to connect us that’s great!

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I have made a long bow in the makerspace. You don’t need a drawknife, but a small sharp spokeshave, plane, files and rasps are all useful. Wood selection is pretty critical. Any grain runout and the bow could snap suddenly. Warped or twisted wood will make your job difficult.
I would suggest looking at 3 Rivers Archery’s website for ideas, info, wood, and tools.

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I got you on the fly-er. I went last night, no luck. Only found two longbows. There was still a lot to check out though

@Taylor_Patterson, Sorry I was not arround this last weekend, and I know I wont be free this weekend. But Maybe the weekend after that. here is a link to the Youtube guy I watched a lot that helped me make one. DIY High-Performance Board Longbow Build - YouTube. I’ll ping you next time I plan to schedule some time in the space.