Makerspace stuff looking for a new home!

In the picture below (and browsable IN-PERSON at your friendly local makerspace) are items that the makerspace needs to divest itself of. What we really could use is someone who can take on trying to find new homes for these things. It would be great if said person could do some craigslist posting, ebay, whatever they like. OR, contact other makerspaces and see if they’d find a use for some of these things OR arrange for them to be recycled/donated somewhere. If possible, it would be great if LMN could get a few dollars for the things that have some value to help fund purchases of things that we really need.

Some of these items, just need to find their way to a hammer and the dumpster, too. (Get out that end of the year aggression!)

There will likely be more added to this pile in the coming days and weeks as we continue cleaning out areas and figuring out whats not useful (to us).

The air compressor pictured, I believe just needs a repair job, and could probably be put back into service. So that could use a volunteer to make the repair/diagnosis.

If you are either of these people (or BOTH :heart_eyes:), please let me know, we really need to make these things find their way out of the space.

what price would you consider for the radial arm saw?

$100 seems to be a reasonable price according to craigslist.