Makerspace Marketplace this Saturday! Blacksmiths needed. Shop closed!

Hey all,

This weekend is the weekend, we are having our annual craft show and open house! This does mean that normal hours will be different, we will shut down the shop Friday night after cleanup, and it will remain closed through Saturday during normal open hours.

I am looking for some more blacksmith help to do demos on Saturday. I pay in tacos (not joking here, volunteers will be well fed) and all you will do is work on whatever blacksmithing project you might be doing anyhow, and tell people that walk by what you are doing.

I could also use some more volunteers to be available to give tours and roam around. The taco offer from above stands for you as well.


Hope to see you there!

Oh yeah, another thing!
Does anyone have an extra pop-up canopy that we could use? I’ve got one, looking for two more.