Makerspace Marketplace: Our annual craft fair!

Hey all,

On May 25th this year, we are having our second annual craft fair! It has a new name: Makerspace Marketplace
This year, we are welcoming folks that would like to sell tools and materials, but opening it to makers of all kinds as well.

The vendor form is open now. We are doing free booths for current members and volunteers. $25/booth for everyone else.

Stay tuned for fliers to be handed out, social media stuff to post, and all of the other stuff that goes into making an event go.

We will be looking for volunteers for the day of, and hope to have some sort of demonstration or activity happening in each of the areas. If you’ve got something that would be cool to do that day, let me know!


Can we put a whacky wavy inflatable arm tube man on the roof of the space to draw attention from passersby


Absolutely yes. You got a line on one that we can use?

Im gonna get one now that i have permission lol. I was kinda thinking we could make a giant one with a hammer head and put it over the exhaust fan in the ceiling above jewelry, but thats a lot of work

We’ve still some open spots. Let your artist friends know!

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