Makerspace / Home automation fun times

The time is arriving (both because of weather and because the network is mostly setup) to start working on Home Automation features for the makerspace. We’re going to be setting up home assistant to be the brains of the operation and I know there are some folks who are interested in either helping or wanting to tag along as a learning opportunity.

So, the question is who’ interested, in what way, and how do we meet up ?

Probably the first step will be to setup HA on a new pi and get it all configured. I thought about either doing a Zoom session or a live stream so that people could follow along. Thoughts ?

Then we’ve got a few lights to test out integrating (the new motion sensor lights are z-wave as well) and a new thermostat to integrate. (Venstar Color Touch).


I would be interested in helping. Ive already been tossing around a couple of ideas