Maker's-Giving Lost and Found

A few items were left behind from the event:

A cookie sheet and cat hot pads. Sorry, I know the faces but I can’t remember the names to go with these items. :blush:

An Oxo pie server that came in with the pumpkin pie. Unfortunately, I don’t now who the pumpkin pie came in with.

@brian.adams: your blue cooler and fridge drawer (I washed the cooler so don’t worry about it getting funky if you don’t grab them right away)

@jfahner: your salt and pepper shaker and I believe the lighter from the fryer was yours too…

Thanks everyone, I enjoyed the event and am still fighting off the food coma. :smiley:

Thanks very much Ray. I’ll grab it tomorrow.

Thanks, Ray. I picked up the S&P shaker yesterday and the lighter can stay at the space.