Maker Meetup Tonight @ 7:00pm (11/20/2018)!


Once a month, on the third Tuesday of the month, we host our monthly Maker Meetup, and guess what, that’s tonight! Come join your fellow makers and members to show off what you’ve been working on (or see what everyone else has been working on. :slight_smile: )

Doors are open to the public at 7:00pm and we usually get “officially” started around 7:30.

If you can’t make it this month, be sure to mark your calendar and join us for next month’s meetup!

(Oh and feel free to spread the word if you know anyone who’d be interested)

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask, but is it possible to sign up for a membership at this event tonight? I’d love to come see some work and say hi!

Sorry! I just saw this so it’s probably too late, but yes, usually there’s someone around who can do new memberships at the maker meetups.

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight, we saw some fun projects!

@brian.adams (yes, that’s me) showed off his wordclock, complete with 16x16 pixel graphics mode. (Full build log coming soon, as soon as I have time to type it.

@jfahner showed off his new glue tube storage unit.

@mgrossbauer showed off some laser cut inlays he made in Hard Maple and Sapelle.

@Andy showed off his latest project for his studio Enden Arts

There were a few other projects presented that had to be redacted due to the holiday season and being ungifted gifts. :slight_smile:

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