Maker Meetup Tomorrow Night (Tues, 8/21) @ 7:00 AND space improvements!


Hey everyone!

Just a reminder of our maker meetup tomorrow night. We’d love to see everyone there! Bring something to share if you like, or just kibbits with your fellow makers. Open to the public, so feel free to bring a friend!

I also wanted to share the awesome work from this weekend. Lots of cleaning out and space improvements. We still have a few things to finish up with this stuff, so if you want to lend a hand after the meeting that’d be super!

Cleanout / reorg of the garage door area

New workstations for design lab

Cleanout and better organization for electronics

We have two more of the the workstation desks that are going to be living in electronics as soon as we can get them moved in. Then the tables along the windows in electronics will be moving to craft for a long awaited upgrade to the main table (better height, open underneath so legs can go under).

Thanks to everyone who helped out this weekend!

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