Make a bathroom sign

Wee need a sign for how to flush the urinal
Please design one!

The button needs to be pressed hard for three seconds

Also, the sign should not be a porous material

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I think the 2:30 Saturday team wants to work on this :slight_smile:

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Has anything been done on this?

Also, aren’t we required to have handicapped parking? A sign for this would be a step in the right direction.

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A sign has been made, I believe it’s just waiting to be sealed

@Jimmy thoughts on the handicap sign?

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I am not sure that is required, though I’m sure we would want to have one anyway. But, that is better discussed in a separate post, since this one is for a different issue.

All parking lots are required to have marked and signed handicapper accessible parking. A minimum of one van accessible spot per every six handicapper spots is required. So, it looks to me like LMN is required to have one handicapper spot with marked van accessibility.

If you had 50 or more parking spots you would be required to have two marked spots with one being van accessible.

If you only had four parking spots, you still need a handicapper parking spot, but it would not be required to be marked.

three shall be the number (bathroom sign done and hung)


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