Machine usage acquistion (May 2022)

Hello, I’d like to utilize the laser cutter between 2:00pm & 3:00pm on May 15th, 2022 (Sunday).

Additionally, if team members are available, I’d like to finish the CNC wood routing checkout. Afterwards, if time permits, I’d like to book an hour time slot to utilize the CNC wood router for a project. (I’ll be bringing in a half inch piece of plywood, approximately the size of 4-foot by 4-foot which I’ll be cutting various shaped pieces out of)

Thanks in advance
~ jacob

(Message to newer members) After speaking with some of the people here. There doesn’t seem to be a need to register time slots for machines. As a newer member myself, I had assumed this was the protocol since of the whole “checkout” thing. :slight_smile:

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Hey Jacob! The laser cutter is generally first-come first-serve, but it’s very likely it will be available during that time.

I’ll be around today, so hopefully we’ll be able to complete the CNC checkout. I’ll need some time beforehand to confirm what we’ll need to do as I believe the auto z-axis calibration is still not functioning, so if that works out, we’ll finish making our stool!

As in update, it seems that i actually wont be able to make it in before 5:30pm today. If youre able, would you like to schedule a time during open hours sometime next week?

Heck yeah. I’m pretty flexible. I may be here past 5:30pm today. But honestly, I wouldn’t want to rush anything. So we can just figure out a time next weekend.

Hey Jimmy, Jacob. I did like to join the check out too. Please let me know when you guys are planning on connecting.


Sorry, I’m just seeing this now, but I looked at the CNC Z-axis touch sensor, and got it working. If it should start dong the same thing again, I can replace some ICs on the interface board.

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