Machine shop "office hours" for questions, demos, etc

Now that we have the big machines running, I want to follow Charlie’s lead in the wood shop and start offering regular office hours in the machine shop. This will be a time for informal questions and free advice, seeing what machines and tools we have, and for demos and checkouts on the machines.

For those interested, it’s also an opportunity to help with small projects and shop tasks as they come up. Recent examples:

  • Cleaning and lubricating the drill chuck in the big drill press
  • Cleaning, de-rustifying, and organizing all the rusty tooling (this is perpetual)
  • Re-attaching a loose lever on the big lathe
  • Making a simple bushing with Lou for the mortising machine
  • Hanging lights.

You can watch, or help, or even critique (up to a point), and wander in and out as you like. No commitments.

And of course, shop talk.

Initially I’ll try Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:00, starting this Thursday, April 27. I’m expecting to run it weekly, and I’ll announce cancellations with as much notice as I can.

For the first session, I want to give a demo of the big Cincinnati lathe, and make a simple part on it.