Machinable Wood Foam under CNC

Hey all!

Does anyone know who owns the yellow 4ft machinable foam section under the cnc? I need a small 1in by 1in section off of it for the sculpture. Open to discussing price and such!



I believe the pink was a donation so I can offer a tombstone cutting class for October. I’m currently waiting for the machine to be running again to make prototypes. I’m not sure about the yellow stuff. Could you share a picture?

I would just need a section of the yellow about 1in by 1in by 48in

@RealCarlRaymond or @cafwood or @Tony , do you guys know?

The yellow foam was a donation to LMN. I can authorize a 1" width.

It should cut fine on the table saw, but you may get covered in foam dust.

Hi Carl,

Thank you! I really appreciate it! And the warning on the dust.