Loom model question

Does anyone know what model the loom is?

I have spent 2 hours googling this, it is a pretty unusual loom apparently. I ended up messaging woven art shop and they said look for a makers mark on the bottom and take some pictures of the hardware which I will do tomorrow.

In the meantime, where did it come from and is it possible to contact the last owner?

Woven Art says
“Things I can say right now: Not a Schacht. Probably not a LeClerc. Not a Norwood (usually come with brass plaques - so if you see two little holes drilled in anywhere that may have had a plaque, that can help too.) Don’t think it is Ashford, or Harrisville. Do you know about how old it is?”

I made the loom. I sold a half dozen to a woman who was interested in marketing them about 45 yrs ago. Contact me with questions.

Oh wow thank you
What type is it?

Also the cords seem to need to be retied if you have any advice or would be able to show me how to do that