Looking to schedule a mig welding checkout

New to the LMN community and looking to learn the basics of the MIG welding setup. Was hoping also purchase my membership while there as well. I am free weekends and weekday evenings. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Awesome! Hey @Clifford_Bohm and @bjadms8 , how soon do you think we could get a checkout going?

We have a Hook class Wednesday starting at 6PM should be able setup a time before class between 3 PM and 6 PM Wednesday 10th Nov

Is the SOP on line documentation up and running so that someone can read the process before an actual checkout?

I am free any time after 4PM on Wednesday. And let me know if there is a place where I can go over the SOP beforehand, would love to look it over before. Thanks again for the help everyone.

How to Use the Hobart Handler® 140 MIG Welder and Check out process

This one I am working on and see if you can access it and should maybe help to get a head start.
Bobby A

Great thank you for this link. I will read over the material! Thank you again for the help!

@bjadms8 just wanted to confirm what time you were thinking today. Does meeting at 4:30 work for you?

I am here at LMN and ready for you.

I will be in the back in the smithy near welding Station

Assuming this is all done, I’m closing out the ticket!

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