Looking for Volunteers for Expanded Open Hours

Hey all,

As you may know, LMN is working on an initiative to create a new membership level that has access only during open hours. To make sure that open hours members are able to use the space regularly, we are expanding our open hours very soon. We’re looking for a January 1 start date on this. Our hope is that this initiative is going to enable LMN to reach a larger portion of the Lansing community and continue to help us make a strong case for ourselves as an essential part of the culture of the city.

@Marisa and I are heading this initiative up, and we could use the help of the members. In order to expand open hours for these new members, we need volunteers to run the open hours. If any of you can volunteer to help out, at least for the first couple of weeks, we are looking to keep about three people on for the new open hours nights. You would be giving casual tours of the makerspace; showing people our space, and talking up the LMN community to other makers. If we have new open hours members, you would also help out with equipment if needed.

The hours we’re looking to fill are:

  • Thurs 4:00pm - 9:00pm (5 hours)
  • Fri 4:00pm - 9:00pm (5 hours)
  • Sat 12:00pm - 8:00pm (8 hours)
  • Sun 12:00pm - 8:00 pm (8 hours)

I should add that @Marisa are looking to develop a core group of volunteers who can take an active part in shaping LMN’s future through developing workshops, community partnerships, and finding better ways to use the space. Volunteers who work 10 hours or more per month will get to use the space and equipment during open hours (when they are not volunteering, of course). Volunteers can also redeem those hours to purchase a full access membership at a rate of $35.

If you’ve wanted to be a more active part of the LMN community, this would be a great way to do it. If you already are a very active member of the community, this would be a great way to help us with a community project that I think will help us grow.

I would be available to help on some open hour evenings (as well as earlier in the day). However, I am not able to commit to working every week.
I am interested in taking an active role in helping shape the LMN.

That would be wonderful, Charles! Really, at this point, any hours you could contribute would help a lot.

I, too, would like to volunteer during extended hours as well, @Rossi.Bossi

@conejita42 thanks so much!

@Marisa Do we have a way for people to sign up for specific shift ready yet ?

Yes, I’ve made a sheet where people can sign up for whatever shift they want, I’m not sure if I’ve already shared it via google drive, I’ll do it again

@Marisa … Where exactly is this Google spreadsheet? I would like to enter my times for January.

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We’re thinking the spreadsheet might be a bit tough to work with as these things go, so we’re working right now on getting something a little more user friendly together, so that you can enter your times. We’re still working out some of the kinks in the system.

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TY for the update, @Rossi.Bossi I will be patient. :slight_smile:

@conejita42 @cafwood

Signup is online now: http://signup.com/go/EQgXyhm

We’re not 100% settled on this being the long term solution (excuse the ads… the horrible ridiculous ads…), but its what we’re going to use to get this bootstrapped.

@Rossi.Bossi and/or I are planning to be there most of the time to get things started, so anyone who’s interested, signup and we’ll handle training “on-the-job” so to speak.

As we get our legs under this we’ll probably start to formalize the on-boarding process for new volunteers.