Looking for volunteers for Crafts/textiles/fiber Mini, yet super, team

Hey Folks,

Danielle here - the crafts “area manager” I have found myself silly busy these days and am having a difficult time making in person progress for the space. So I’m hoping to make up a mini team of people interested in getting the crafts zone thriving.

Some roles I could imagine:

  • instructors for classes

  • experts on certain tools for training
    _ loom, spinning wheel, industrial sewing machine

  • organization master

  • open sew leaders - knitters, embroidery, crochet, machine sew (each week could have a theme for people seeking help?) I am only really good with machine sewing

If you are interested in helping some way with crafts, DM me or show up this Friday between 4-630


Im a decent hand at sewing machines and pretty good at knitting.

Im also wondering if the big quilting table is broken or someone needs to learn how to ise it cause i would be willing to learn if its just a learning set back i could probs tackle it

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I just got the wilting machine up and running yesterday!! Next is just getting the training figured out for it :slight_smile:

Awesome i know me and a couple of other members are stoked to use it

I’m happy to be the resident expert on the spinning wheel and loom. I’ve got the loom warped now, but am still working on the tension to make it work as well as it should.

Yaay! Thank-you for working on it :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat: