Looking for suggestions of plans for new woodworking classes

I’m looking to put together a couple of new woodworking classes and am looking for some good beginner->intermediate plans that a student could finish in 3-5 class sessions (3 hours each session).

Ideas on the table so far:

  • End grain cutting boards
  • Keepsake boxes
  • Coffee table (need a set of plans for this… haven’t found one that fits the bill yet.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated, especially if you can link to online plans or a youtube video.

  • Brian

A possible replacement for the end grain cutting board or maybe a follow up class for it: 2 sided game board (checkers/chess and backgammon)

A “series” on old fashion wooden toys. Especially if the chosen items allow each toy to highlight working with a different tool (or tool set). That way students can get a varied experience and by rotating who is working on what toy there is less waiting for a tool to be available.

multi-shot rubber band gun

Table top catapult or trebuchet.

Adirondack chair, bonus points for one that adjusts the back angle

Starter green house for starting seeds and growing seedlings

Wooden bowl turned from a glued block of different woods (Maybe too advanced? my lack of knowledge in this area may be showing)

Similar to the keepsake box; a 2-3 drawer box with compartmentalized drawers

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The Edison style bulbs are popular right now.
Making a shadeless lamp with any kind of wood base might work well. It’s a pretty versatile creation with the ability for the base to be any shape. Maybe a way to utilize the lathe so people can make a really personalized shape. You can get the bulbs fairly cheap on Amazon. Material costs would be anywhere between $15-$20. (Excluding wood)




My knowledge of woodworking is limited, so I have no idea how much time any of these would actually take, but here are a few things I found:

This shelf looks complicated, but I think the design is actually simple: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/862650503594946193/

Blanket chest: http://woodarchivist.com/1344-blanket-chest-plan/

Kitchen stools: http://woodarchivist.com/2748-kitchen-stool-plans/

Bench: https://www.popularwoodworking.com/projects/sliding-dovetail-bench

Console table (no plans but looks reasonably simple): http://allinoneguide.com/35-weekend-home-improvement-projectyour-next-weekend-home-improvement-project-could-be-spectaculars-its-a-great-time-to-do-something-great-for-your-home/30/

Unrelated, but the copper stitching on this guy’s work is so beautiful I had to share it: https://www.instagram.com/kevin_manville_design/

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I know this is an old post, but consider a five board bench(seating). Such as :

There are many other designs that may be easier to build.

Oh, that’s a great idea! And the perfect time of year to put one on the schedule.

I like that design a lot. You don’t happen to know where you found it do you (or if there’s a dimensioned drawing?) I can redraft it pretty easily, but if it already exists that would save me some time