Looking for help using CNC machine

Hi! First I should say I’m new and hoping I’m doing this right!
I’ve been checked out on the CNC machine, thank you Evelyn! I even set up my files on Vcarve and powered up the machine all by myself. However, that’s where my confidence ended. I’m wondering if someone familiar with the machine would be available to meet with me sometime this week and help me use it for the first time. I feel confident I can do it after that but need that initial watch over to make sure I do it right. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help!!

Welcome, Aleasha! I’m going to tag @Evelyn so she’s sure to see your post. :slight_smile:


Would you be available Thursday at 4pm? I’m teaching a laser checkout at 5:00, and am scheduled to help somebody with the laser after that. So if four is too early, maybe 7:00 Thursday night?
And I know @RealCarlRaymond is even better with the machine than me

Hi Evelyn! I work until 4:30 and plan to head up shortly after that. If 7 still works for you it works great for me. I’ll be there early working in Vcarve to get more familiar.
Thank you!

Sounds great!
I’ll see you around 7!