Looking for help setting up phone with E911 at the space

So, we’ve gone through a number of fits and starts on getting this solved, so I’m hoping someone can jump in and make this happen.

What we’ve done so far:
We have a SIP phone at the space. We originally were planning to use twillio to handle incoming/outgoing calls, but we’ve since discovered that while that currently works fine, Twillio doesn’t support E911 for the service we’re using (they support it for SIP Trunking, which is beyond the scope of what we need).

What we’re looking to solve:

  • There should be a phone number at the space for people to call. Specifically in the case of someone trying to find us on a class day or something.
  • It’s super important that we have a phone at the space that can call 911, and that correctly forwards us to the right PSAP with E911 data.
  • We’d ideally not like to pay an arm and a leg for Comcast voice (although, if other solutions don’t work, so be it. That’s what we’ll do).

The current plan:

  • Anveo seems to offer the service we need. https://www.anveo.com/
  • We currently have one phone, that can be centrally located at the space and it’d be great to have some awesome signage pointing it out.
  • It would be nice to have a second phone at the front desk for whoever is staffing class check-in/open hours.
    ** I don’t know where the phone we have came from and if there’s another we could snag. One phone is fine if that’s all we got and/or another is cost prohibitive.
  • I have absolutely no idea how to program the phone we’ve got to talk to Anveo instead of Twillio.

Other options / plans are welcome. Is anyone able to try to tackle this? I can work with you to take care of the payment / account piece of it if someone can take care of the tech.

It’s a super interesting topic to me (phones, SIP, all that crap), I just don’t know enough about it and haven’t found the time to figure it out enough to solve this problem.

I’ve enlisted the help of a specialist in this area (my wife).

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Not about the service providers. But about the application. I would recommend if possible a selection be used. Press 1 to Ring the Shop Desk. Press 2 to attempt to reach the contact list. Where the contact list would be a list of several selected members that can address either emergencies or questions.

Obviously this can be a rabbit hole. So I would suggest keeping it simple to these 2 and or possible 3rd of press 3 to here location and meeting times.

We should be able to do that easily with anveo. The cool thing too (mike, I know you already know this) is their E911 service allows you to set up a list of numbers to get a text message alert when 911 is dialed.

I think we’ve gotten things sorted out. There’s a phone at the front desk now that is able to dial 911 and should have E911 configured correctly. Woohoo! Thanks everyone.

The incoming number to the space is 517-376-4770. I’ll be working on the IVR and voicemail stuff tonight, but it should be good to go.