Looking for Hairpin Legs

I’m curious if anyone has a good bead on where to get metal hairpin legs from. I ordered some for the desk I’ve been working on a long time ago, and have been told they are still delayed in coming my way. Anyone know where to find hairpin legs that will actually arrive?

Why not just make them you can buy rod from Arlo steel supplier and flat stock. You have access to a welder at the LMN. Cut to lenght heat the center and bend it using piece of pipe.
You have a welding area manager to show you how use the equipment (welder).

Just saying

I bought a random 16" set from Amazon for $20. The rubber feet are useless, but I have no complaints about the legs themselves.

There are 4 of them are on this slate coffee table which probably weighs 80lbs, and I’ve stood on it before.

I saw a number of different sizes in stock at Rockler in Novi when I was there about a month ago.

I’ve used harpinlegs.com before. They have some unique finishes and a range of sizes.