Looking for cutting board class assistant

I’m running a cutting board class this Saturday, Feb. 24, and I’m looking for a helper. This involves supervising attendees as they use the table saw, jointer/planer, and router. You only need basic competence on the table saw to do this. We don’t do anything sophisticated.

It’s a great way to build some people skills as well as shop skills, and it helps LMN to bring in some income, which is how we keep the doors open at this amazing place.

Class runs from 9:00 to 11:30ish, with a 90-minute break for lunch, then from 1:00ish to 3:00pm. It’s a long day, but I find it goes quickly.

If you’re interested, you can reply here, or in a private message, or in person. I’m flexible.

Sorry, can’t do it this time around.

I’d very much like to help with the class.