Looking for a Mig/Tig instructor

Hi, My name is David Ried and I am a member of the Okemos High School Solar Racing Club. I was hoping to learn how to weld and eventually use tig. I want to create a new aluminium frame. There is a mig welder at the high school but no instructor or proper set up. I was hoping someone could help me get checked out and maybe even teach me the basics. I am currently a sophmore and plan to continue the club until I graduate. Thanks!

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Hey David! I love the enthusiasm and desire to learn welding!

At LMN, we have pretty strong safety concerns for minors. Due to the inherent dangers of welding it will be up to @Mike-L, the welding area manager, if he is comfortable providing a checkout for a high school student.

Also as a high school student, you’d need your parent/guardian to come in with you during the checkout. They’d have to participate in the checkout with you, so make sure you both come prepared. I’ve tagged Mike to see if he is willing and can find a time for a welding checkout for both you and you parent/guardian.

~Isaac K.


I have to double check the policy, but I appreciate the enthusiasm.

Currently we do not possess the means to weld aluminum, but I am in the process of acquiring a spool gun for a mig machine.

I will get back to you with more information soon

Sorry for the delay, I have some clarification about the policy. While you can not sign up directly as a member as a minor, you are welcome in the shop as a guest of a parent/guardian.

I would be happy to show you what tools and equipment we have available currently, just let me know when you want to check out the shop