Look for someone to supervise my first time with the Laser cutter

Went through the checkout process about 2 months ago. Just looking for someone to make sure I don’t break anything with my first hands on.

When did you want that first time to be? Tonight isn’t good for me being Halloween and all. But I live just around the corner and I’m around most evenings. I’ll be glad to swing up there and make sure you don’t laser your fingers off or anything.

What about Thursday around 630pm?

Not sure if you saw my earlier post on this request. I would still like help, but I won’t be ready until later this evening. You up for helping tonight?

Sorry, Didn’t see the earlier messages , but I’ll head up there now and see if you’re there. I imagine you’ll know that by the time you read this. :slight_smile:

Shoot, I am at home now. Thanks though.

Would it work if we set up a specific time?

I’m probably going to be up there on Saturday during open hours from 1 - 6. will that work?

It may. I am going to be in Grand Rapids, but I might be back in time.

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