Loading large materials into the space

We’ve noticed that there’s been a few times that @Members have loaded in materials via the garage door and left them in the entry way for an extended period of time.

Totally understand that sometimes you might be borrowing a friend’s vehicle or otherwise just have enough time to drop materials off before you get to work on them, so when @michael cleaned out the door area we left a pallet for sheet goods to “rest” while they’re waiting to be loaded in. Please don’t leave things here for more than about 24-48 hours before using them to complete your project.

If you need to leave something longer, as always, please just ask before you leave it. We’re understanding of schedules and struggles, but I think everyone would be surprised to know how many sheets and materials come into the space to sit for a month or more before they’re used… that’s just not what we’re setup to support by default. If we know you’ve got a plan, it’s much easier for us to work with you than wondering if something is abandoned.

Please help us make the space work for everyone!

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