LMN Book shelves work night

I’m planning a work day on Thursday, April 21, to work on and hopefully finish the LMN book shelves for the maker space break room. I think we can accomplish a lot between, say, 3 and 8 PM. The L and N are finished, and most of the material has been cut out for the M. I hope to finish cutting the rest of the material before Thursday, so we can focus on the final assembly steps.

I need people to assemble each module of the M - this typically works best with a team of 2. I will also need people to glue on and trim the edge banding. This can be done by one or more people. Finally, I need people to do the final assembly, joining the components together.

Given that we are a bit limited by space and some clamps, tools, etc, this can’t happen all at the same time. But once a couple of components are assembled and the glue dries, someone could start fastening the edge banding.

Please reply with the times you can work. You don’t need to be here for the entire time. If you can make it for only an hour or so, great - I’ll put you to work. If you can be here longer, that’s fine, too. You also don’t need to be checked out on the big power tools. The only ones you will likely use is a drill, a sander, and maybe an iron. You also don’t need to be a 24/7 member… Open hours members are welcome. You may need to knock on the small door on the southeast corner, by the loading dock, to get our attention, however.

And to sweeten the deal, I’ll get a pizza or two, or maybe some subs, if the group is hungry.

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I will be there around 4:30 through the night. I have some 36 inch clamps i can bring if it helps

Mike, glad to have your help. I don’t know if we will need the clamps, but I’d say bring them if it’s not too much trouble. Better to have them and not need them than the reverse.

There was a suggestion to add some color to the backing for the book shelves, and that there was some paint available for this. I picked out 3 colors, popped the backs off of a few components of the shelves, and painted them. So now they’re in the break room, standing loose behind the components. Take a look, and let me know what you think. I think some of these will need another coat of paint yet, but that’s not hard to do.


I forking love it. (The color)

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