LMN Black Friday Shop Sale

Hey all!
This Friday, while the shop is closed, we’ll be opening our doors for a quick Black Friday sale!
For sale will be extra tools and materials that have been languishing in storage, and all proceeds will go towards LMN operational costs. No tools that are currently in rotation will be leaving our space.

A non-exhaustive list of items for sale (I’ll add stuff as I go through storage and get permission this week)

  • Scroll Saw
  • Cricut v1 with cartridges
  • Silhouette cutter
  • 3D Printers needing repair
  • Ceramics kiln good for raku firing or parts
  • Yarn and crochet thread
  • Bolts of specialty fabric
  • 20ft convention display
  • Historic Spinning Wheel
  • Handmade Adirondack Chairs

Interested in buying some stuff? Come on out! 4-8pm.
Know anyone interested in any of these items? Please share this event with them: Black Friday Shop Sale

Able to help volunteer for a few hours that evening? Please contact Lex.

Have something that you’d like to donate to sell? Contact Lex for this as well. If it doesn’t sell, we’ll ask you to take it back with you. Storage is full at the moment.

@areamanagers: If there is anything in your areas that you would like to add to the sale, please put
by the wall in the shop outside of the break room. Include a fair price on a note.

I assume you mean the great wheel. What price are you putting on this?

I do mean the great wheel! $100, and I’m happy to teach how to use it as well.

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You might want to do something with the date on facebook, or explain that we do a lot of time traveling. The date in the graphic is November 16th.

Thanks! It has been updated here and on social media.

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Tables are up for the sale. Please put stuff that should be sold there!

Reminder to all!
This is this evening! Come on out around 4 if you are available, and please share widely!