Light table repair volunteer task

Summary: Tracing table is broken, need ideas and cost expectations for fixing it

There’s a large, white light table in the craft room. It’s sitting on a shelf of the long arm quilting machine

Please figure out what it takes to repair, and respond to this post with a description and rough estimated cost. Feel free to also cost out a new one of a similar size for cost comparison

-Please respond to this post with updates-


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I’ll try to make it in this weekend and have a look. That shouldn’t stop anyone else from doing the same.

I looked at the light table. Wonderful size! I opened it up and believe it to be a basket case. There are florescent tubes with no place to mount them, curved LED strips that not hooked up to anything, and wires and a random transformer.
All in all, great bones to work from, but the guts need to be completely reworked.

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