Let's write some grants together!

I’d like to ramp up our grant writing so I’m putting together a team of sorts. There are two local grants opening soon and I’m going to work on at least one of them at the space.

I’m looking for volunteers who are interested in helping look for and write grants. There are no special skills required — join me during this session and I’ll show you what writing one looks like so you can help with more.

The event will be on Thursday, September 14 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at LMN. Please reply if you’re interested and if you’d like a calendar invitation, email me at erik.gillespie@gmail.com.

The two grants are:

  1. MSU FCU Desk Drawer Fund (thank you Maria for showing me this!)
  2. Jackson National Community Grant (thank you Evelyn for showing me this!)

I will be missing out on this :sob:

Maybe, maybe i can help. Theres a lot of balls in the air at the moment in my life. Eric, can you give us a description of whats involved in this, both on Thursday night and after, when tbese propsals are submitted and are under consideration? Do we need to go explain them, or do other follow-up?

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Hi Tony, I will summarize the takeaways as we work through the grant application. Each grant is so different that getting too specific may not be helpful but for anything that is a common request across grants (EIN, mission, where to get different gov’t forms) I’ll do my best to include links as well.

I would love to be there on the 14th with you.

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@Evelyn, can you remind me what time you would be available on the 14th?

6:30 and after would work for me, so I’ll be there!


I can help edit and revise. My background is in writing.


I’d like to help as long as I’m fully recovered by then.
Btw, Henry is the one who informed us about the MSUFCU Desk Drawer Fund :smile:

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@Joslyn_Mara, that’s easily the trickiest part for me and will be a big help!

@Arialia, whoops, I could’ve sworn you told me about it. Thanks, Henry! (I hope your recovery is quick, Maria!)

@Evelyn @Tony @GaryB @Joslyn_Mara @Arialia — just wanted to send a reminder that this is tonight at 7:00 at LMN. I haven’t done a screen share there in a while but I’m sure we can stumble through one of these to pick up the grant writing for the space. :grin:

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