Leather working tools?

Does the workspace have any leather working tools? I want to try it out but have no clue where or what to start with.

What kind of leather work are you thinking of doing?

I have a speedy stitch and a big hole punch if you’d want to use those

Probably just small projects like wallets or necklaces. Maybe a cool appron if im feeling particularly adventurous

I do believe there’s a small box of stone stuff in the crafts area. I’m not sure if it was a complete kit. @Clifford_Bohm do you have any suggestions on what’s needed or where to start?

I used to do some leather crafting and was able to accomplish a lot with one of those hot tip multi tool soldering iron things, a leather punch, and a craft needle with waxed thread. I have these things if the space does not, but I imagine we do.

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What’s needed really depends on the sorts of projects and material - I know the material is leather, but there is hard leather and soft leather and working with thin vs thick can be quite different). My experience is with thick hard leathers (the stuff you would make leather armor out of, although I’ve never made leather armor.) Here is some stuff I’ve made:
I have not made anything leather in a few years, but if you are interested in making stuff like this, let me know.

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I am guessing that most if not all of my projects would be soft leather cause they either sit close to the skin or require a decent amout of flexibility.