Lathe Checkout Request

Looking to be checked out on the lathe. I’m flexible, but late afternoons are usually best!

Our big lathe is still unpowered, but I can get you going on the tabletop lathe. The skills are very transferrable.

How’s Tuesday afternoon this week?

You know what? In the cold light of day I realized that I was thinking of the metal lathe, and you probably mean the wood lathe. But I can still get you going there, too.

I would like to attend, and i have interest in the metal lathe too

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Tuesday sounds good. I did mean the wood lathe- but I’m interested in both so we can go through the tabletop metal lathe as well. Will 4 PM work for everyone?

I might be a few minutes late as i get out of work at 4, but its only 20 minutes away in average traffic

I would be interested also. Can I get in on this?

Come along Craig. We can start on the wood lathe, and then go to the metal lathe. We’ll compare and contrast. Always fun.

Be there soon, you guys can get started on the metal lathe if needed

Gonna call this one completed and mark it as such.

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