Lathe checkout / learning?

This is probably too much for a checkout request. I have a project where I need to replicate some simple turned spindles. (looked online and can’t find a good match or I would have bout them haha) Never used a lathe before and am looking to learn. Any suggestions?

I’m working on my first wood turning project too!
I did notice that there is some sort of tracing device leaning against the wall near the delta lathe.
Maybe that could help in replication?

Oh cool! I’ve been YouTubing like crazy and think I know what you are talking about. Thanks Ron!

You do need a checkout for the lathe. The duplicator has not been set up for use for years. I would be able to talk with you and Ron about your projects and possibly get you checked out on the lathe Thursday at 6. After that it will be at least another week before I can do a check out or help you set up the duplicator if that is a route you wish to try.

Oh absolutely I need a checkout no matter what!!! Thursday at 6 would be perfect! Thank you so much

thanks Charlie, I plan to attend as well

I’m interested in learning about the duplicator as well if that ends up being a separate checkout.

I have added some weights to the lathe stand and bolted the lathe down to help lessen the vibration as you turn your large piece.

Oh thanks! I’m planning to come in tomorrow to work on it.