Laser test file available?

Someone lasered a incredibly helpful matrix of laser cuts and engravings with varied speed, power, and line spacing. The resulting piece is hanging on the laser room wall. THANK YOU, it was incredibly useful to me today.

If you saved that file, would you consider saving it to the laser computer desktop? I would love to run it on acrylic for public reference, and have it at available for use to dial in settings for other materials such as slate, canvas, and glass.


Hi there. That was probably me. I don’t have a file to share, unfortunately. RDworks only allows for 12 or 16 settings (one setting per color), so it isn’t possible to have one file with the whole gamut of settings.

I would recommend drawing a tiny square and use the tile function to draw a matrix of squares. (It’s on the lower part of the left toolbar, and it might not be called “tile”.) You’ll have to set your speeds and power settings yourself. You’ll have to process it in multiple jobs, of course, if you want to try more than the 16 or so settings.

I wish I had a better answer or an easy ready to go file. Best of luck to you!

Fair enough! I love your work- thank you for sharing the results.

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