Laser Mirroring

Hi everyone!

Looks like someone set the laser to horizontally mirror. I was able to work around it by mirroring my design therefore the laser did an unmirrored project.

Hoping someone can help me set it back to normal so it doesn’t ruin the next person’s project?


Hey Emily,

I’m not totally sure about where the setting is without looking at it, especially since we just upgraded to a new version of RDWorks. I did find this though:


If that isn’t the solution, would you mind leaving a note on the laser computer computer warning others members of the issue? I’ll be able to drop by at around 6:00pm to address the issue if it isn’t fixed by then.

Sure. It seems like someone actually adjusted it on the laser rather than on RDWorks perhaps? I will leave a note. Thanks!

I ran the laser at about 6:00pm today and it did not seem to mirror my design. I’ll look at it more the next time I’m in the space to see if I can reproduce it though.

If you use the machine again this week, could you update here if you experience the issue again?

Weird. We used multiple different designs. Perhaps someone fixed it in the interim. Thanks!