Laser Error - Hard Limit Prot


Affected Tool or Resource: Laser

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Laser goes for a few seconds then gives error: “Hard Limit Prot, please press [ESC]”. Tried to trouble shoot online and reset the XY axis to no avail.

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Same issue here today- I assumed that it was an image issue and was going to try again later with another file. Pics of the error message and the diagnostics screen capture attached.

Is the machine successfully homing itself when it powers on ? Ie, does it go to the back corner and then zip out to the middle of the bed ?

I don’t believe it did. That’s what tipped me off initially something seemed off.

@brian.adams is there something you think I can try on the machine to fix it? I can go by this afternoon.

Jody’s going to come by and look at it shortly. It’s likely a bad prox sensor on one of the axis. @RealCarlRaymond do you happen to still have a few of those laying around ?

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I couldn’t detect a bad wire or bad prox switch. I set the head to 0,0 and went to the Diagnoses+ menu. A little pressure on the gantry made the the XLimit- and YLimit- indicators light up. They were solid on/off. No flickering that would indicate a bad connection.

Kathryn used the machine after that for an hour or so with no problems. I wish for a binary range of brokenness. I have to go but I’ll be in for my shift tomorrow to see if I can force an error.

Proximity switch specs:
FOTEK brand
10~30 VDC

Awesome! Thanks @jody!

I received this error today after a couple hours of using the machine. It stopped in the middle of engraving an image. I powered the machine off and then back on. On reboot it went through an unusually long reset, then eventually moved the laser head to a point near the front and as far left as it could go (off the bed). In doing so it briefly made a noise that suggested like it was trying to move ever farther left. I reset the origin to the proper location and resumed engraving. A half dozen images later (each image takes approx. 1:45) the same error occurred again. I shut the machine down at that point.

I got the error to reproduce by running a long job, and i see that the X axis limit switch is lit up when it shouldn’t be. Last week we replaced the Y axis switch because it was janky. It looks like a classic double-jank situation.

We’ll replace the X axis switch tomorrow night and see what that does.

I have installed a new Y-Axis limit switch The laser shows that the switches are acting like they should and I did some test cuts with engraving.

Kathryn said she would be coming back this evening so the laser will get some more use to test it out on longer runs.

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Marking this as resolved.

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