Laser cutting not leveled


Hey gang,

Appears that the laser cutting bed is ever so slightly off level. For instance from the middle to the right side there is less than an 1/8 of a inch height difference (maybe less). But it is enough to prevent the laser from cutting all the way through.

Unsure if there are mechanical bolts that one could tinker with to level the bed.

Until its leveled I recommend focusing the laser at multiple points of interest for your desired working area. IMHO from the middle to the left of the bed seems consistent.

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@jacob Worked on it for a little bit. Looks like the front left bed corner is about 0.75mm lower than the other corners. I cannot attest to the levelness of the whole bed as it’s been distorted quite a bit over the years.

The main problem was the laser being out of alignment. It happens sometimes. The laser was hitting the side of the nozzle when the head moved to the right side of the bed. I realigned the beam and it is working much better now.

0.75mm is still not optimal and I’ll work on that on Thursday if no one gets to it by then.