Laser Cutter Wood Materials

Any suggestions for a place to buy wood for the laser cutter? Stuff like 1/8" to 1/4" sheets.

The front desk sells 12"x30" 1/8" sheets of… birch (iirc). Johnson’s workbench has some 1/4" wood you can work with. Tagging @jody who has real experience with this :grimacing:

Cool thanks! I’ll check out johnson’s.

Do not take more money then you are willing to part with to the workbench. I would even hesitate bringing a credit card :face_with_peeking_eye: soo much nice wood

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Haha good to know. I’ll try to restrain myself.

It’s not hard to go over your budget there. Good luck!

Good wood to buy is interior plywood. For baltic birch, that’s the 5’ x 5’ sheets. B/BB is the best to get because one side is finish grade with no blemishes or knots.

Exterior plywood uses glue that doesn’t do well in a laser cutter. Burns black and is slow to cut.

Also, just to clarify, the boards the space sells are 12"x20" with a paper masking to keep the board free of smoke marks during cutting.

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How much are the boards at the desk?

$3 each


Sad to say the wood panels are now $6.

We just sold the old stock of boards from before the move to this building. The new plywood panels are almost 3X the price but we kept the new price increase down to a minimum while still papering both sides for the laser.

Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.